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Replacement Windows: What you should look for BEFORE you decide to buy!

You need to be aware of these key points before you lay down your hard-earned cash on replacement windows for your home.

First determine the problems and the reasons your windows need replacing:

  • Excessive condensation - Wood rot and damage to the sash, basically rotting apart
  • Drafty and they don’t seal tight - Cold in winter and they don’t block outside noise
  • Windows bind and are hard to open - Your windows are too much of a pain to open
  • Constant maintenance - Windows need to be re-painted or re-polyurethaned too often
  • Security vulnerability - Your windows are the weak point of your home’s security
  • Outdated style - Your old windows ruin the elegance and curb appeal of your home
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Then define the qualities and benefits that your new windows must offer:

  • Durable materials and finishes - Impervious to moisture and easy to keep clean
  • Energy efficient - Increased comfort in winter, lower energy bills and less noise pollution
  • Easy to operate - Windows open and shut easily, even during extreme temperature changes
  • Maintenance free - Windows made from long-lasting materials with strong, resilient finishes
  • Secure locking hardware - Multi-point locking mechanisms or electronic Lock Status Sensors
  • Graceful aesthetics - Style, function and design melded into one beautiful architectural form
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Select a contractor specializing in replacement window installations:

  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - Has over 30 years’ experience remodeling homes
  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - is a certified Andersen window replacement expert
  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - Is an authorized Marvin window replacement expert
  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - Is an authorized Richlin window dealer and installer
  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - Is a local, family owned and operated business
  • Coffer Custom Remodeling LLC - A better install means more comfort and less problems

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