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andersen windows
andersen windows

Looking for Replacement Windows? Look to Andersen Windows!

If the windows in your home are 20 years old or more, they are probably due to be replaced. Andersen Windows have always been synonymous with “quality and performance” to Minnesota homeowners. By upgrading to new Andersen Windows or Patio Doors, you can transform your home to create the look and style that you have always wanted to achieve. Andersen’s superior products provide unique shapes, styles and colors to help you re-imagine how a space can look, feel and function.

Andersen Replacement Windows offer you all these Benefits:

increase energy efficiency

Increase Energy Efficiency

By installing our Energy Star certified windows, your energy bills will shrink by an average of 12%* compared to non-certified products.

* as of 11/04/20

beautify your home

Beautify Your Home

Homes shine brighter with our wide array of window styles, colors, hardware and grille patterns.

Increase Your Home's Value

Increase Your Home’s Value

It’s simple - on average, homeowners nationally get a 69.5% return on investment for wood window replacement.

eliminate damage and rotting

Eliminate Damage and Rotting

Damaged windows can hurt the value of your home, decrease energy efficiency, and interfere with proper window operation.

improve window operation

Improve Window Operation

New windows lead to increased ventilation, higher air quality, and reduced outside noise.

integrate smart home tech

Integrate Smart Home Tech

Open/close and lock/unlock sensors are available when you replace to keep your home safe and secure.

Before Before Andersen Windows

with aluminum storm windows

After After Andersen Windows

With built-in energy efficiency, there is no need for storm windows

Andersen Windows Installed by a local Andersen Certified Contractor!

So, you’re wondering where you can get the highest quality windows at a fair price? That’s where (CCR) Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC comes in. We are here to help you, with a personal home consultation and a free quote.

Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC is a Certified Contractor for Andersen Windows. We recommend Andersen Windows because of how durable and long lasting their products are. Andersen uses the highest quality materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. Andersen Corporation is a Minnesota corporation, with their headquarters located in Bayport, Minnesota; just east of the Twin Cities.

So, what does it mean to be a Certified Contractor for Andersen Windows and how does this differ from Renewal by Andersen? Good question! Watch the video and keep reading.

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Homeowners Trust CCR for Professional Installation of Andersen Windows

Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC is a Certified Contractor of Andersen Windows, meaning that we receive ongoing product and installation training from Andersen. All installations by a Certified Contractor also include a 2-year limited warranty (vs. the typical 1-year limited warranty). We will assist you in choosing the type, material, glass and color options that fit the style of your home and your budget; and because you’ll be working with just one team, you can expect your project to be streamlined and easier to manage.

What is the difference between working with CCR and Renewal by Andersen?

Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC is not part of Renewal by Andersen. CCR is an independent contractor of Andersen Windows & Doors; we sell and install the full product line of Andersen, that also include the 100 Series, which is made of Fibrex. Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC is a licensed MN building contractor, with the skill and resources to handle any size or scope of new or replacement window and door installations. We install a wide range of Andersen windows in a vast array of colors and styles, including window walls.

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Upgrade to New Andersen Windows Today and LOVE THE LIFE YOU SEE.™

If you need new replacement windows contact Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC today for a free estimate. We are a Certified Contractor of Andersen Windows and we ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project. We’ll be happy to meet with you and help you select the perfect Andersen product to enhance your home visually, aesthetically and performance-wise.

Click to visit the Andersen website.